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FoStuart Timber CoStuart Timber Co provides three timber drying solutions: air drying, steam drying and kiln drying.


While most of our timber is kiln dried, we offer seasonally dried timber as well which is gentle on the timber.

Kiln Drying

The kiln drying process is fast. Computer controlled using the Dryspec® Control System, the kiln ensures uniform and efficient drying of our lumber with 24-hour turnaround.

All appearance grade lumber is dried in medium temperature kilns in order to reduce the risk of distortion and residual stress levels within the lumber. All lumber is dried to spec, ensuring our customer receives a stable end product with low moisture content.

Every kiln charge has moisture content readings recorded to ensure the mean and standard deviation of the moisture content is within the required specifications of the end use of the product.

Kiln drying delivers consistent level of dryness through the timber making it more rigid and less likely to warp. Kiln dried timbers are used for internal structures and framing. Whereas air dried timbers are most commonly used for fences, farm yards, and some landscaping.

Steam Drying

Larger end sections, beams and poles are steamed dried.

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