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At Stuart Timber Co we use the latest technology for  milling, drying, planing, treating and moulding lumber, producing an extensive range of timber products. 


We have an extensive range of timber products on site readily available for purchase. We are equipped to mill logs up to 800mm in diameter and 6.6m in length.


Stuart Timber Co provides three timber drying solutions:

  • air drying

  • steam drying

  • kiln drying

Planer Mill

Our planers can achieve high quality finishes on a range of products from framing to high grade clear boards. Producing an excellent finish and quality every time.

Treatment Plant

When you buy from us, you'll buy with confidence. Our products are regularly tested to for quality. We produce a wide range of pressure treated products.

We cut timber to length. Products like palings, posts, pellet or box timbers, pegs, stakes and bee hive timber are all cut using an optimizing docking saw.

Timber Cuts