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ForOur rural timber range features everything from animal bedding, fencing, posts, gates and calf pens.

A farmer's lumber needs are well catered for at Stuart Timber Co. Our posts, strainers and poles are selected from the best smaller diameter forest material available. Then cut and peeled by trained and diligent staff who strive to craft the highest quality post on the market. We also produce fencing timbers, animal bedding, calf pens and gates.


Fencing & Gates

Stuart Timber Co produce a wide range of fencing products. We stock posts, railings, and palings in rough sawn and machine gauged finishes in a variety of sizes.

For the rural market, we also stock a complete range of round posts, poles and strainers. We also stock: rough sawn and machine gauged timbers for fences; H3.2 treated palings cut to length; or, post and rail fence cut to spec.


All posts are air dried which does not cause damage to the timber cell walls and makes for a stronger, longer lasting post. Our top quality fence posts are always in demand.

All yard timber is produced in lengths to suit post spacing's to avoid wastage. Our trained staff grade this timber for strength before it is treated. Sheep yard timber is able to be dressed and this is recommended for internal yards. For a little extra cost the end result is a better look and wool is not caught on the rough sawn timber.


Typically sheep yard timber comes in 150x25, 150x32 and 150x40. Cattle yard timber comes in 150x50 and 200x50. At Stuart Timber there is always a full range of farm building timber available.

We also supply farm gates that are custom made to your specifications locally by The Bloke’s Shed. Our prices are competitive and our timbers are of the finest quality New Zealand has to offer. Please contact us to discuss your custom order.

Animal Bedding

We produce animal bedding shredded from dry recycled untreated timber in sawdust, shavings, post peelings and bark form.


If you’re after large quantities for your farm, we offer competitive pricing and delivery through our transport partner, Dynes Transport. Phone James today on 03 4788 311 to organise a great deal and delivery.


For smaller quantities, we sell all of our animal bedding products by the trailer load in (m3), so bring your trailer and visit us today.

Calf Loading Pen

Stuart Timber Co produce a calf loading pen which comes as a kit, ready for you to assemble.

  • The pen is 3.0 x 2.4m (7.2 m2).

  • The ramp is 5 m long. 

  • The pen and ramp can be purchased together or separately.

  • Both are towable.

  • Configuration of gates can be placed to suit load out yard i.e. gates at the end or the side.

Come and view a prototype at the mill and place your order with our sales team while you're here. Find our location.

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