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ForAt Stuart Timber Co we mill logs into timber using the latest technology and processes, delivering   quality products that last.


Stuart Timber Co have a diverse range of milled timber products on site readily available for purchase. We also offer custom milling and are equipped to mill logs up to 800mm in diameter and 6.6m in length.

The type of timber we predominantly handle is Radiata Pine. Other minor species we mill include: large Redwoods, Larch and Oregon. We always have Radiata Pine in stock, however, if you're after timber from one of the minor species, please call us to check availability. The only timbers we won't handle are gum or oversized logs.

Our sawmill can also cut and machine your existing timber to a smaller size, and treat it to prolong its life. The grades of treatment vary to suit the purpose that the timber is being used for and the conditions the timber will be exposed to.


We can also provide kiln drying of custom milled timber with quick turnaround.

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