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ForWe produce a wide range of pressure treated timber for every situation. From landscaping above ground to submerged marine piles, and everything in between.


Treated Timber

Stuart Timber Co. CCA pressure treated pine carries a lifetime guarantee and has proven to be by far the best way to enhance the life of Radiata Pine. This process is safe and we conduct internal testing regularly to ensure safety and quality standards are met.

We produce a wide range of pressure treated products.

H1.2 - Suitable for internal framing

H3.2 - Treatment is suitable for external use above ground

H4 - Treatment is suitable for external use with ground contact

H5 - Treatment is suitable for house piles, and in some cases retaining walls.

H6 – Treatment is suitable for submerged timber such as marine piles.


ColourPine is an exciting new product superb for outdoor structures like decks and pergolas. ColourPine is achieved when a fine pigment dye (MicroShade) is forced into the timber under pressure, creating colour that lasts even when exposed to the elements of nature for an extended period of time.


ColourPine is made from Radiata Pine but has all the aesthetics of a hardwood which is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s durable, easy to work with and cost effective. Essentially, ColourPine looks great because the colour is in the wood. Being a natural timber product we recommended that an application of nourishing oil is applied every few years.


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